The Brand

„Creating a business fashion brand dedicated to business women has been my dream for a long time. The Kossmann brand is above all the result of my 20-years of professional experience. I created it with professionally active women in mind, who want fashionable, modern clothes appropriate for business. I want to offer affordable luxury, ready-made clothes, all the while considering the comfort and personal flair of my customers. Above all, my focus is on top quality materials and impeccable finishing. The essential element of the collection is its affordable price. First class clothing and first class service”.

Iwona Kossmann

The Kossmann brand is the first on the Polish market to offer business clothing addressed to active and entrepreneurial women. On the domestic market, no other company focuses exclusively on this consumer segment.
The change of attitude toward women in business and the rising number of women attaining top management positions have created a need for elegant, comfortable and feminine clothes. The Kossmann brand was born in response to this demand. The Kossmann Brand offers business clothes for women, classic in style and positioned as “business elegance”.

The founder and owner of the brand is Iwona Kossmann who created it based on her 20-year business experience.