If you wish to file a complaint about a product:

  1. Please contact the Customer Service Centre phone:
  2. Send the product back with a letter of complaint describing the reason for the complaint and attach proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) to: Kossmann Fashion
    ul. Przy Parku 12 / 02-384 Warsaw
  3. The shop will bear the cost of shipping the product back to the company.
  4. The complaint will be processed immediately.

If the goods do not conform with the contract, the items subject of the complaint must be returned to the Seller,, at the Seller’s expense, with a written document specifying the nonconformity, proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) and the customer’s wishes of how the Shop should fulfil its obligations. The items should be sent to: ul. Przy Parku 12 / 02-384 Warsaw, after contacting the Customer Service Centre by calling +48 600 992 600 or by e-mail Information on the procedure of sending the product back to the Seller, at the Seller’s expense, will be given after the Customer has contacted the shop’s employees. Complaints are processed without delay.